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Jan 22, 2022
Blue Art Productions / Sarofim Hall

Googoosh is one of Iran’s most enduring and famous entertainers. Born Faegheh Atashin in Tehran (Iran) in 1950, Googoosh grew up with the support of her entertainer father. Her artistic aspirations were supported by her father so much so that she was encouraged to perform at some of Tehran’s largest cafes and bars from the age of 3. Throughout the decades, she played in successful blockbuster movies such as Hope and Fear (1960) and The Runaway Angel (1961), a film by George Obadiah.

Throughout her journey she was discovered by Iranian composers and very shortly after that, due to her unique voice and style, she established herself as a pop culture icon in the Iranian music industry. Her first ever single in 1968 was the highest selling record in Iranian history. She soon became the most expensive performing and recording artist in Iran, releasing 150 records between 1968 to 1979. Throughout the 70’s Googooshstarred in numerous large blockbuster films and amonst them Bita (1972), Honeymoon (1976) Fellow Traveler (1975), and Along the Night (1978) were the most popular. Her acting career ended with the 1979 revolution in Iran.

As Googoosh's popularity grew, the oppression regime was also gaining power and by 1979, Iran was declared an Islamic republic and women were no longer permitted to sing in public. Due to the newly formed Iranian regime Googoosh was sentenced to a 21- year house arrest. Googoosh was a voice and symbol for many and at that time this much power for an individual (specially a woman) was forbidden.

Due to all of these restrictions Googoosh was forced to put down the microphone and not allowed to be seen on TV or in films. after 21 years she broke her silence and shocked the world announcing an enormous global tour in which there was a 28 piece band Accompanying her at some of the world’s biggest and most respected venues. She has also sang in several markets and languages such as English, French, Armenian, Arabic, Turkish, Italian and Spanish.