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Discovery Series Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for your continued interest in the Discovery Series at the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts. Below are the answers to frequently asked questions about the Discovery Series.

What is the cost of tickets for Discovery Series performances?

All Discovery Series performances are offered free of charge to Greater Houston area students and teachers.

How do I make a reservation?

To reserve seats for any of the Discovery Series performances, please go to directly to the performances home page, which can be found here. From the home page select the performance and fill out the “Booking Request” form.

Once I submit my ticket request, how do I know if my reservation is guaranteed?

Submission of an online booking form is NOT a guarantee of your order. A representative from The Hobby Center will contact you to confirm your order within five (5) business days. A contract will be emailed to your school for your review and signature. Signed contracts should be returned to the Hobby Center within ten (10) business days to confirm your reservation. Reservations are not secure unless a signed contract is on file with the Hobby Center.

Do you have accessible seating and other accessibility services?

Accessible seating is available at all performances. Please indicate your need on the ticket request form. Accommodations such as audio description, captioning, assisted listening devices and ASLI may be provided upon request. Contact Judi Stallings at judi@thehobbycenter.org for more details.

Is there an age limit for the Discovery Series?

Children under the age of 3 (including sleeping babies) are not allowed into the theatre. Chaperones will be asked to remain in the lobby with any underage children for the duration of the performance. A video monitor is located in the lobby so that you may watch the performance.

Are Discovery Series performances open to the public?

Discovery Series performances are not public performances. All tickets (including accompanying parents) must be arranged through the School/Daycare/Home School. Individual tickets are not available for these performances. Please do not ask a parent to call the theatre for tickets.

What is the cancellation policy?

Reservations may be cancelled by emailing judi@thehobbycenter.org up to two weeks prior to the performance date. If a school is a no call/no show for their assigned performance, they may not be allowed to participate in the following year’s Discovery Series programming.

Who provides transportation to the theatre?

Schools are responsible for securing their own transportation to the performance. The Hobby Center DOES NOT arrange for transportation between the school and the theatre. We will provide reimbursement for the cost of transportation.

How do we receive reimbursement for bus transportation?

Once your field trip is completed, you must submit a letter or invoice requesting reimbursement for your transportation costs within 60 days of the performance. For more details, click the Transportation link HERE.

What time should we arrive at the theatre?

For performances beginning at 9:30am, buses should arrive no earlier than 8:45am. For performances beginning at 11:30am, buses should arrive no earlier than 10:45am.

Where does the bus park?

We will make every effort to keep buses on campus during the performance. However, bus parking on Hobby Center property is NOT guaranteed. Officers will instruct bus drivers where to go.

Where do parents driving in their personal cars park?

There is limited parking in the Hobby Center garage at the rear of the theatre. Additional parking can be found in the Tranquility garage across the street. Daily parking rates apply to both garages.

Is there a place nearby where we can eat lunch?

Tranquility Park is located directly across the street from the Hobby Center. Sam Houston Park is located one block to the south. The Houston Public Library Downtown and Barbara Bush Reading Plaza is located two blocks to the south. Discovery Green is about a 15-minute drive from the Hobby Center. Schools may not eat lunch on The Hobby Center premises.

Is there a place to store student lunches during the performance?

Lobby space is limited. If your students will be going to lunch after the performance, you should put all lunches in boxes/coolers labeled with your school/teacher name. We will line up the boxes/coolers in the lobby. No food is allowed inside the theatre.

How are restroom breaks handled?

When you arrive, we ask that your group stay together and be seated first. Then at your discretion, before the performance begins, you may take students out to the restroom located adjacent to the lobby. We understand that with no intermission, students may need to get up during the performance. We ask that you quietly and carefully escort your students to the restroom and back. Please be cautious, as the theatre will be dark.

Where do I find curriculum guides and other supplemental materials?

Curriculum guides can be found on the home page of each performance. Click on the link to download the materials.

How can I get priority booking for the 2019-2020 Discovery Season?

We value your feedback and want to see how your students extend their theatre experience into the classroom. Teachers who complete a short post-performance evaluation and share examples of how they’ve extended the experience into their classrooms will receive priority booking for the following season.

For more information please contact Judi Stallings, Director of Education and Community Engagement at 713.315.2412 or e-mail judi@thehobbycenter.org.