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Catapult: Dance Meets Design


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Aug 25, 2017 - Aug 26, 2017
NobleMotion Dance / Zilkha Hall

NobleMotion Dance is flying high in Catapult: Dance meets Design, a new evening of jungle gym choreography. NobleMotion, named Houston's Best Dance Company and featured on the Emmy Award® winning ABC TV show American Crime, has partnered with an industrial design engineer to create 5 custom built interactive sets that shape the space and offer new terrain challenges for the dancers. Deconstructed tunnels, flipping doors, and a 12-foot spinning/teetering propeller are a few of the landscapes. Each structure will offer surfaces for projection mapping and will be engineered as a surreal dancer obstacle course, providing innovative ways to climb, swing, and vault. It's a physically exciting "must see" show – think dance meets parkour with a dash of cirque.

Note – some sections will include special lighting that may include strobe like effects.